How do visitors actually interact with your advertisement? Use cloud services to analyses your audience activities, like number of people viewing at the advertisement, audience is male or female, audience interaction, etc.

The analytics data are important for marketer to measure marketing campaign effectiveness. User can access the analytics data at anytime, anywhere using any devices.

Besides the analytics data, Cloud services also allow user to remotely turn off the player, reboot the player, adjust the audio, schedule shutdown time and check content update.

The analytics answer the following questions:

Intelli-Signage captures how many people touch on the screen. It captures the click rate for each particular design and can even tell when people click on the design.

Advantages of touch click:

  • Switch and buttons are not physically required. Device makers can make and modify various input interfaces creatively by a software.
  •  Since a user operates an electronic device by directly touching the images on the display he/she is seeing the operation will be intuitive, thus anyone can operate it from first use.
  •  Unlike keyboard or physical switch, there will be no dirt or dust getting into the spaces between buttons. Thus, it is easy for maintenance

Intelli-Signage captures how many people scan on the QR code and the QR code destination. The QR code can be created using Intelli-Signage design software.

Advantages of QR codes:

  • The QR code offers, as the name suggests, a quick response mechanism which saves users the effort.
  • QR codes can be cost effective as creating the QR code itself doesn’t have to cost anything
Intelli-Signage comes with built-in web camera that detects and analyses audience standing in front of the screen. It records the audience profile – age and gender.


Intelli-Signage also analyses the particular advertisement that audience is looking at, together with the audience demographics.

Advantages of interest

  • More direct delivery of a message that relates to interest.
  • Visual: using eye-catching imagery or rich media to get your audience attention

Intelli-Signage records the start time and end time of particular advertisement, which tell how many hours the advertisement is begin played.

Advantages of advertisement details:

  • Expansion of the market
  • Increased in sales
  • Educates the consumers