Age and Gender Recognition System (AGRS) delivers the relevant contents to Customers!

AGRS is able to display the relevant products/merchandise based on the viewer profile – gender and age group. Retailers will be able to understand the shoppers behaviour better by analysing reports on the shoppers profiles and viewership patterns.

AGRS has 3 components:

  • Capture and analyse shoppers profiles through a digital camera. Shoppers’ profiles are determined via face detection, gender and age group determination algorithm.
  • Customized potential shoppers content display. If the camera detect shopper is 37 years old male, the advertisement will shift to male related advertisement, in the age group of 35 – 45 years old.
  • The gender, age group and advertisement is capture and data is send over to the cloud

Different genders has different needs & interest:



  • Capability of targeting the different interest each gender has
  • To improve the audience measurement tool and to give better demographic information/ how many people are there exploring the products and services
  • To boost success rates
  • Understand shopper’s behaviour better

Detection Accuracy

  • Gender: ~80% under normal lighting condition
  • Age: ~75% under normal lighting condition +/- 5~7 years

Lighting Requirement

  • From 100~ 1000 Lux (indoor lighting)