Enhance your current menu with a digital menu!

Operating a restaurant in high traffic and hugely competitive mall require extra ordinary marketing efforts to stand out from competitors. Digital menus are more than just an eye-catching addition to your restaurant; they are a cost-effective solution that produce a better customer experience, decreased costs, and a boost in revenue.

With analytics data collected from Intelli-Signage, restaurant owner can analyze the:
• Number of user click/ touch on the particular menu category
• Number of QR scan that link to reservation booking
• User demographic (age and gender)

Benefits of Intelli-Signage:
• Allows users to touch and interact with restaurant menu
• Allows more products to be displayed in a digital format instead of printing posters
• User friendly content design software allows restaurant owner to create and upload content remotely

Intelli-Signage with “Queue + SMS” module

Design for restaurant application, Intelli-Signage integrate the “Queue + SMS” module that utilize QR scanning, cloud service and SMS to solve queuing problems, improving brand image and customer satisfaction.

This Cloud-based Queue system requires customer scan QR code on the Intelli-Signage KIOSK to register for Queue number online. The staff sends SMS notification when it closer to customer queue number. Customer can also check the Queue number by referring to the Queue number display on the Intelli-Signage KIOSK.