Digital signage in retail is one of the best contemporary methods for marketing your products. This is a great tool for retail industry where the major portion of the profit is directly linked to the mode of advertisement. Replace traditional posters with digital signage to boost your in-store sales!

Intelli-Signage for Fashion Store
Intelli-Signage for Optical Store
Intelli-Signage for Bookstore
Intelli-Signage for Photobook
Intelli-Signage for Aromatherapy
Intelli-Signage for Supermarket
With Intelli-Signage, retailer can:
• Display eye-catching advertisements (Eg: monthly promotion items)
• Display products selection
• Have QR code link to Facebook or promotion page
With analytics data collected from Intelli-Signage, retailer can analyze:
• Visitor demographic (gender and age)
• Number of touch click based on product categories
• Number of QR code scan and the QR code destination

Advantages of signage in retail:
• Attention-grabbing displays: Intelli-Signage allows retail outlets to create flashy eye-catching ads tailored to the audience
• Impulse purchase: Instead of waiting for your customers to chance upon a particular item, the retail outlet can effectively merchandise and cross-merchandise throughout the store