Intelli-Signage versus Traditional Signage
Traditional media, such as posters, billboards, and banners, are dying because of its inability to measure how advertisement performs. Therefore, many advertisers have turned traditional signage to Intelli-Signage that includes digital display, signage software and data analytics.


Benefits of Intelli-Signage:

Real-time Gold Price Update (Live Tag)
Gold prices change on day-to-day basis. With a web-based content management system, user can simply login to cloud to change the gold prices, and the gold prices are refresh instantly on the screen.


Data Analytics
Store owner can measure the advertisement performance based on data collected from Intelli-Signage. Simply login to the cloud to view audience activities, like audience demographics, number of touch click of particular product category, number of QR code scan that link to facebook, etc.


Remote Management
Intelli-Signage support remote management and cloud control panel, which means design can be done in office and sent to jewellery outlet within minutes. Total time saving is tremendous from this point of view.


Cost Saving
Intelli-Signage save a lot of posters printing cost. As compared to last time, store owner need to print posters on regular basis for their promotional campaign. The posters are costly and sometime them outsource the design to third party which is very expensive.

Advantages of signage in jewellery shops:
• Content shown on the signage in the is truly customisable
• Signage have the versatility to inform, entertain or sell
• Eye-catching ads attract customers attention