Waiting in a hospital, clinic or doctor’s office can be quite frustrating. Even in the best facilities, unexpected events can create long wait times for patients and their families. Hospitals and health care centers are turning to digital signage to make communication with visitors, patients, and staff easier and more dynamic.

Digital signage has the ability to be controlled from one central location, but span across multiple buildings and locations. This versatility gives you the flexibility to offer a consistent message to your entire audience or vary certain aspects of the communication based on location.

Popular Digital Signage Features for Health Care:

  • Ads and Health Messages – play advertisements or health messages on signage
  • Waiting Room Signage – entertain visitors and patients in waiting rooms and lobby areas
  • Facility, Staff, and Department Directories
  • Donor Wall – utilise digital signage to showcase top donors
  • Signage with Queue Number – Time moves very slowly when patients, family and friends have to wait in reception areas. Having a signage with Queue number display allows patients to be informed of services and their queue status