Too often, building facilities manager struggles to keep their directories listing attractive and updated and as a result, visitors are left frustrated. Intelli-Signage building directories solve this problem by transforming a list of tenant name and unit number to a colorful and touchable directory.


Benefits of a digital building directory include:
• Act as a digital concierge for visitors
• Display updated building directory
• Eliminate costs of updating (updating can be done remotely)

With Intelli-Signage, facilities manager can:
• List tenant based on company name alphabet
• Post leasing information to attract the new tenant
• Sell ad space to the tenant
• Post important announcement

With analytics data collected from Intelli-Signage,
the facilities manager can analyze the:

• Visitor demographics (gender and age)
• Number of touch click based on company name alphabet
• Peak hour and date of the touch click

Advantages of signage in building directories:
• Easy to maintain directory listings
• Easy user interface